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Eco Warriors

Article 24: (Health and health services) Children have the right to the best health care and a clean and safe environment.


Hi! Welcome to the Eco School page.


AJS will has its very own Eco Warriors.


What ideas do they have?

What will they improve?



Do you care about the environment?

Do you have any ideas of your own that could be used?

Please let us know what your ideas are.

You could become an Eco Warrior too!



Everyone at Alumwell Junior School is an Eco Warrior.

However, six children have been chosen to lead the way with ideas that will help our school to be a more environmentally friendly place to be.

These are the six children.


If you have any ideas about making our school more environmentally friendly, you can have a chat with any of these pupils and share your thoughts. This could then be put forward as a possibility for us to work on. frown