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Able and Talented

The DFE state that the able and talented pupils are: ​“5-10% of pupils who achieve or have the ability to achieve at a level significantly in advance of the average for their year group in their school.” ​

Able pupils are those that have:​ “ability in one or more subjects in the statutory school curriculum other than art, music and P.E.”​

Talented pupils are: ​“those with the ability in art, music or P.E or in any sport or creative art” ​


At Alumwell Junior School we provide three ‘waves’ of provision for pupils to ensure that out pupils receive an education appropriate to their abilities. ​

Wave 1 Provision: Quality First Teaching – whole class​


Strive to ensure that pupils receive good quality whole class teaching. Teaching and learning approaches, which are particularly appropriate for challenging able pupils, are used to benefit the whole class. ​

Wave 2 Provision: Differentiated Group Work​


All pupils benefit from regularly planned differentiated group work as part of the curriculum. For our most able pupils, this will include guided tasks with the class teacher, independent group work at an appropriate level and appropriately challenging homework tasks.​


Wave 3 Provision: Individualised Provision​


Individual provision may be used on occasions for the small number of pupils who demonstrate exceptional ability, or who require an individualised programme to support their needs ​


The needs of the majority of most able pupils are met through wave 1 and 2 provision. ​

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