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Able and Talented

Alumwell's Got Talent?

We aim to give all of our Able & Talented pupils the opportunity to reach their full potential and in doing so, create benefits for their fellow learners, the school and the wider community.


We believe all children should be challenged, inspired and empowered by learning and that the classroom should be an engaging, inspiring place to learn.


What does Able & Talented mean?


'Able and Talented' describes children with one or more abilities, who are working at a level which is significantly above their Year Group.


'Able' refers to pupils who are particularly able or excel in one or more academic subject.  Their levels will reflect this. 


‚Äč'Talented' refers to pupils who have special ability or potential in a practical subject.


So, how do you know if your child is able and talented?






There is a difference between a bright child and an able learner.  Here are some key characteristics.











Children may also show aptitudes in areas outside the curriculum, such as as enterprise skills.





How do we identify Able & Talented children?


There is no such thing as a typical able or talented pupil.  Each is an individual and demonstrates widely differing patterns of behaviour, skills, aptitudes and attainments.  Pupils can be identified as able and talented at any age, as they develop at different rates.  Identification of Able & Talented is a continuous process and is based on a portfolio approach, utilising a range of measures:

  • Key Stage 1 results
  • Teacher recommendation based on class work, tests and homework, etc
  • Teacher assessment
  • Teacher observation
  • Parent nominations
  • Pupil questionnaires


The Able & Talented (A&T) register is a live document and is amended termly, following completion of termly assessments by class teachers.  Therefore, it is not a forgone conclusion that an identified pupil will remain on the school's A&T register for the duration of their time in school.

How do I nominate my child for the A&T register?


If you think your child may be able and talented, please get in touch via the 'Contact Details' page.  All nominations will be forwarded to Miss Jackson for consideration.


How will I know if my child is on the A&T register?


If your child has been placed on the Able & Talented register, you will be informed at one of the parent evenings.  Your child's class teacher will then discuss with you how we  will support them in realising their potential.



What type of provision do we offer our children?


The most effective provision for Able & Talented pupils will only be achieved if deliberately sought.  Challenge for A&T children can be achieved by adding breadth (enrichment), depth (extension) or pace.  At Alumwell Junior School,  we offer a regular, varied and on-going programme of enrichment opportunities as a key component of our provision for A&T pupils.

How can parents support an able child?


There are a number of ways in which parents can support an Able and Talented child.  Here are some simple ideas:


  • Set time aside to talk to your child each day
  • Encourage him/her to try new activities
  • Visit galleries, museums, places of historic interest and encourage him/her to reflect on these experiences
  • Provide resources to support learning at home, e.g. internet, books, newspapers.  Encourage them to join the local library and to use the school library.  Watch educational programmes, the news and documentaries together and discuss them.
  • Encourage your child to participate in extra-curricular activities at school and beyond
  • Make sure your child has time to play and relax!

Year 3 enterprise day

'Count Me In' at Land Rover Jaguar


Ever wondered how many processes are involved in engine assembly?  Why is accuracy so important?  How is data used to improve?  Some of our Yr6 pupils spent the day at Land Rover Jaguar's Manufacturing Centre finding out how maths skills are critical to all elements of their business.  

Count Me In Champions!

The 500 Words competition is produced by Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2. The criteria is the story must be 500 words or less and can be about anything you wish.

Two of our pupils, Freya and Nehal (Year 6) entered.

Check out their wonderful stories...

Could this be the competition for you?

Nehal Gandhi

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