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Autumn Term


First trip of the year and we all had a great time!!    

 All minions were on their very best behaviour and

were a credit to the school.  Take a peek at how

the day unfolded..




Fancy a job working down the pit as a 'trapper'? The coal carts are much bigger than you think!!

Down the pit we go….

Down the pit we go…. 1 Mind yer ed...

Shopping Victorian style!

Shopping Victorian style! 1 What…. no ASDA?!?

And this is the luxurious toilet a poor Victorian would use...

And this is the luxurious toilet a poor Victorian would use... 1 What - no flush?

Street Games FUN!!!!

P.E - Basketball


Triple threat, double dribble, chest pass, fast break…???  This term, Miss Gallahan has been teaching us a thing or two about basketball and today we put all our newly learned skills together for a mini class tournament. Great encouragement and teamwork in all teams!  Well done - it was a pleasure to referee!!  Check out the photos taken by our very own sports photographers. frown 

Lego Club


Engineers of the future…?? Two of our very    

own built these fantastic models.  

Well done boys! 


Halloween Disco

From vampires, devils and zombie school children to Coralines, witches and the walking dead!! Alumwell was full of horrors!

Year 6 Victorian Day 



What was it like being a Victorian child at school?  What kind of names did they have back then?  What did they dress like?  What were their P.E lessons like? What on earth was a 'peg doll'? What type of games would they have played on the streets?  We spent the day at school - Victorian style!  Take a look at our pics to see what fun was had by all!   cheeky



Nice Victorian outfits...

A P.E. lesson Victorian style...

From Hopscotch, Hide & Seek and skipping to Potato Racing and Marbles - fun on the streets!

Meet the strict Mrs Lockley...

We had a great day - thank you for the effort you all put in!! smiley

Making the magic happen….

Making the magic happen….  1 The lucky chosen apprentices!

Year 6 Challenge Day - Brunel's bridges 

Just imagine if there was a pedestrian bridge, which only children were allowed to use, that linked our school with KFC - yes, KFC!  Unfortunately, we were only given straws, newspaper, string, tape and of course our imaginations to do just that!

Picture 1
Our class assembly this term was 'Thanksgiving'.  Did you know that Thanksgiving is one of the 'Big Six' major holidays, along with celebrations such as Christmas and New Years Day?  Did you know that Thanksgiving has been a yearly tradition in America since 1863 when the President, Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of Thanksgiving to be  celebrated on the 4th Thursday in November? Well neither did we.  Take a look at the photo below showing us in our Native American Indian and pilgrim masks and headdresses.
Picture 1

Christmas D&T project


Thread, needles, pins, eye of a needle, felt, appliqué method, running stitch, over stitch… double dutch?? It was to us until we started this project!!  Our initial challenges were to create a bookmark and badge, which would harness our skills.  Take a look at the photos to see our efforts...

Our next challenge was to design our very own Christmas stockings!  After much research and use of our creative imaginations, we created the following stockings.  Our teacher thought they were A-MAZ-ING!!!!!  What do you think??
2015 Connect 4 Tournament
During Christmas week, we had a Connect 4 knock-out tournament.  Everybody who took part played with honesty, respect and of course sheer determination!  But, there could only be one winner….
It's Christmas!!!!  smiley   Well done to all you minions out there - you have absolutely worked your socks off this term!  Have a great Christmas holiday and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.
Picture 1


                                                                                                                                                         P.S.  Don't forget about the Greek day on the first day back at school in the New Year!  See you there…. surprise 

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