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Autumn Term key questions

History - The Impact of War

  • How can we find out about the people in our locality that died in the war?
  • What is a war memorial?
  • How did the wars impact children's lives?
  • How did people protect themselves during the war?
  • Could people from opposing countries be friends during the war?


Geography - Where do we live?

  • What are the features of our local area?
  • What can I find out about my town using Google Earth?
  • What is the name we give to a view from above? 
  • What county do we live in?
  • How many countries make up the UK? Name them.
  • What continent do we live in? 
  • How many continents are there? Can you name them?
  • How many major UK rivers can you name a locate?



  • Can you match a selection of plants to their most suitable environment?
  • Name the seven life processes.
  • Describe the life cycle of a mammal.
  • Compare and contrast animal skeletons and animal fossils.


Art - Every Picture tells a Story

  • What is abstract Art?
  • What name is given to a large painting on a wall or a ceiling?
  • What kind of artist is Banksy?
  • What is a pictogram?
  • What do we use our sketchbooks for in Art lessons?


DT – Shelters

  • What is a shelter?
  • What makes a shelter durable?
  • Name three qualities that every shelter should have?
  • Which shelters best protect from various weathers – e.g. sunshine, rain, wind etc?



  • What does kindness mean to us? What does it mean for our school?
  • Can you think of anyone that is famous for being kind?
  • What are they famous for doing?
  • What makes a good friend?
  • What qualities do we look for in a friend?
  • What advice can we give to people having friendship problems?



  • What is a typical school day like?
  • Can I greet another child and ask them questions in French?
  • Ask and answer questions about brothers and sisters.



  • What is a minim and how many beats is it worth?
  • What is a crotchet and how many beats is it worth?
  • What is a semibreve and how many beats is it worth?
  • What is a quaver and how many beats is it worth?
  • What word describes the speed of music?
  • What is a melody?
  • Name 2 instruments in the woodwind, brass, strings and percussion family.



  • Who founded Sikhism?
  • What are the main beliefs of Sikhism? Compare these to other religions.
  • Understand and compare two special Sikh festivals.

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