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Class 1

Meet the gang...

Meet the gang... 1

Welcome to Class 1 where everyone works hard to achieve their potential within an environment of mutual respect!


We are a great team and we strive to make being in Class 1 fun for everyone.  


Let me know if you have any ideas for what you would like on this page!     


Miss Jackson & Mrs Simpson   devil

Picture 1

With your SATs looming in May, here are some useful links which will help you prepare and build your confidence. surprise

Want to find out more about what goes on in Class 1?  Then watch this space….   cheeky

GAMES - Tag Rugby


Do the terms 'Line-up' or 'Knock on' mean anything to you?  Well, they didn't mean anything to Class 1, or Miss Jackson for that matter…that is, until Miss Gallahan introduced them to Tag Rugby!  Come and take a peek at some of the fantastic action shots taken by our resident sport photographers, Tiffany and Faiza.  



Literacy  -  Zoos: paradise or prison?

Is it morally wrong to keep animals in zoos?  This was the question that we were posed with at the beginning of our Conservation topic in Literacy.  After much discussion, debating and soul searching, we wrote our own balanced discussion papers where we put forward arguments FOR and AGAINST zoos, then ended with our own thoughts on this very controversial topic.  What are your thoughts?  Not sure?  Then why not read some of our discussions to help you make your mind up! sad 

Sumayya - Should zoos be banned?

Sumayya - Should zoos be banned? 1
Picture 1

Antosh - Do we really need zoos?

Antosh - Do we really need zoos? 1
Picture 1
Picture 1

History - Greek soap sculptures


Ever wondered just how the ancient Greeks created the many sculptures and statues that still survive today?  Well, Class 1 were given the task of creating their own Greek sculptures - using soap instead of marble!  It goes without saying that very special 'tools' were provided: plastic knives & spoons and a cocktail stick!  sad 



Take a peek of them hard at work...

World Book Day


Do you recognise these book characters??


Picture 1
Picture 2

History - Greek vases


Class 1 were given the challenge of designing and creating a vase in the ancient Greek style.  Look at our fabulous classroom display!

Picture 1
Literacy - Class novel


We've FINALLY finished reading our class book 'Millions' by Frank Cotterell Boyce.  It was a BRILLIANT read!!  smiley



Why not read Umar's review?  Is the book up your street?

'Millions' book review

History - Victorian Silhouettes


Recognise anybody?  Do any of the silhouettes look familiar? How many members of Class 1 can you identify?  angel

Guess who?

Guess who? 1

Partial solar eclipse


We joined in with people all over the UK to watch a very rare solar eclipse, where the Moon covered up the Sun.  There were worries that cloudy weather would spoil the view, but as you can see we had a clear, blue sky for the very special moment!


Look at us using our pinhole viewers to watch the solar eclipse safely.  

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
We're forever blowing bubbles…..
We have have been experimenting with industrial size bubbles in science!  Different amounts of washing-up liquid, sugar, glycerine, baking powder and of course, water were used to make tiny weenie bubbles… to monstrous sized bubbles.  Check out the slide show and decide who YOU think is the Class 1 bubble making champion!  

It started in the classroom….

They then moved outside to complete their 'experiments'….

A brilliant time was had by all!!!

The FINAL term….  sad

Yippeeee... SATs are now finally over and the fun is about to begin!  Drayton Manor, AJS Pentathlon, Engineering week, Enterprise Challenge, Design an App, Dance workshop are just some of the activities that we've got lined up.  Watch this space to find out what's been going on in Class 1...

Engineers of the future…???

An axle, pulley system, motor, wires, switch and two batteries… could YOU build a rotating fairground using some of these components?  Well, Class 1 have! Take a sneak preview of us in the very early stages of creating our rides.  All working models (fingers crossed) will be on show in our classroom for the Yr6 Leavers Celebration Assembly.  smiley


The end….

You've been a great bunch to work with and I shall miss you all.  angel  


Things end. But memories last forever…   

Fun times...

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Year 6

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Good times...

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