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Class 12 Blog

DT Week


We have made Christmas stockings in DT week. We researched the history behind them before designing and testing our methods.

The Circulatory System


We finished our work on the circulatory system by collaborating to create posters to share our knowledge.

Anti Bullying Week


We have linked our English work on The Greatest Showman to Anti Bullying Week. We have explored the themes in the song 'This is Me', discussing how it shows bullying from the perspective from someone who has been bullied but has built up resilience to be proud of who they are.

Then we wrote poems to show that we are proud of who we are but we also know how to be a good friend.

As part of our work on Victorians and sideshows, we had a workshop with Lucas Jet, learning circus skills.

The Peculiars

We have been reading The Peculiars and Wild Boy. We have made links between the texts and The Greatest Showman, they were all set in Victorian times and are about people with 'peculiarities'.

We made posters advertising for people with peculiarities to join a sideshow.

We have found out about the parts and functions of the heart. We then made models and labelled them with key vocabulary.
In Science we started to explore the circulatory system and how blood is made up. We even made our own blood!
We used the book Lifesize to investigate the size of different animal body parts, we made predictions and then checked them - there were some big (and small!) surprises!
In Science we have been exploring adaptations and evolution - finding out how plants and animals change over time to survive in different areas.



We have been reading Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell. We wrote newspaper articles about the events of chapter one and painted water colour pictures of the scene.

The Giant's Necklace


We read the Giant's Necklace by Michael Morpurgo. We wrote postcards from Cherry and then painted seascapes of the Zennor coastline.

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