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Class 3

A great big thank you to everyone for all the lovely cards and presents I received. You have been an absolutely fantastic class and I have really enjoyed my time with you. I know you will all go on to do more amazing things at your new schools and I can't wait to hear from you. Have a brilliant summer holiday- you have all deserved it. Lots of love. Xx

Goodbye Class 3

Welcome to Class 3, where everyone works hard to achieve their potential within an environment of mutual respect. We are a great team and we strive to ensure that our class is a safe and happy place for everyone. 





Fairground Art


Today we used chalk and black card to create the appearance of movement in a fairground ride.The blocks of colour show where the ride is stationary. The curved lines give the sense of movement.

Which is your favourite?


These rides will be on display after the Leaver's Showcase Assembly on Thursday 9th July.



Picture 1

Engineering Challenge


This week the children have worked in pairs to design and build a moving fairground ride as part of their Challenge Passport. Each ride uses a working electrical circuit and must be reliably controlled by a switch. The design criteria stated that the rides should all link to our work on endangered species. These photos give a hint of what you can expect to see in Class 3 on Thursday 9th July.


Hint of things to come!

Hint of things to come! 1
Hint of things to come! 2
Hint of things to come! 3
Hint of things to come! 4
Hint of things to come! 5
Hint of things to come! 6
Hint of things to come! 7

Gold Medal

Gold Medal 1
Well done Dougie on achieving his Gold medal at dog training on Friday evening! He chose a new bed for the classroom to celebrate.

Dougie and the Blue Lake

Dougie and the Blue Lake 1 Lovely chips! Freshly cooked,
Dougie and the Blue Lake 2 Here we go! Open wide.
Dougie and the Blue Lake 3 These are so delicious.
Dougie and the Blue Lake 4 And now for a swim.
Dougie and the Blue Lake 5 Where is that stick?
Dougie and the Blue Lake 6 On my way.
Dougie and the Blue Lake 7 Such good exercise!

Watch my video and give me marks out of 10

Still image for this video
I am having a lovely time at the seaside. I have dug a big hole in the sand and found a very exciting pebble. Swimming in the sea has been great fun and I was amazed to see this huge jelly fish! Can't wait for tomorrow; we are off to the Blue Lake.


Dougie 1
Dougie 2
Dougie 3
Dougie 4

Hooray- SATs are done and dusted!! Well done everybody, I am so proud of you all!

Everyone has worked so hard throughout the year and you all had a fantastic attitude this week. Now we just have to wait..........

Drayton Manor

What a fantastic day we all had a Drayton Manor!

In our literacy lessons, we have been considering the question: Should animals  be kept in zoos or not? By visiting the zoo at the park, we were able to discover what is done to ensure the animals have a happy and enriched life in the zoo. The children met with a zoo keeper and experienced caring for a "Hissing Cockroach."

Mormhna said, "It was really fun because you got to look at all the different animals, the chimpanzee was the best, especially when he threw bark at us to watch us running away!!"


Poppy thought, " It was a fantastic day out because we got to experience how the different animals were cared for at the zoo. The Black Leopard is given scented sacs to scratch and rub against for enrichment."


Daaynaal explains, " Enrichment means the leopard could mark his territory, just like he would in the wild and the gibbon was allowed to find its own treats hidden in a colourful egg box. This was a puzzle for him to solve. This tries to mimic the natural habitat."

Drayton Manor

Drayton Manor  1 Can you spot the owl hidden in the tree?
Drayton Manor  2 Working hard in the zoo keeper lecture.
Drayton Manor  3 Working as a team to help endangered animals.
Drayton Manor  4 Best trip ever!
Drayton Manor  5 An enriched environment for a Hissing Cockroach.
Drayton Manor  6 Who dared to stroke the python?
Drayton Manor  7 Endangered due to deforestation.

Recipe For a Healthy Plant


In our science lessons, we were set a challenge to produce a poster that shows the functions of the parts of a flowering plant and to explain everything a plant needs to allow healthy growth and reproduction.

We worked closely in teams of four, each of us with a specific role, under the guidance of our team leader.

We think our posters are brilliant!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
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