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Class 8

The Vanishing Rainforest


Did you know... The Amazon is the world's largest tropical rainforest! Or that around 80% of the food we eat originally came from the rainforest!


Come and join Class 8 on our learning journey through the hot and humid climate of the Amazon,exploring important issues such as deforestation and why the rainforest is so important for the people, animals and plants that call it home.

Botanical Gardens - Monday 8th June



Our new topic this half term is all about robots! We will be writing instructions on how to build a robot, creating robot acrostic poems, learning how to build working circuits and constructing our own futuristic junk sculptures.


In Class 8…

We try our best.

We do learning.

We respect each other.

We say thank you.

We are a team.

We laugh often.

We are kind.

We encourage one another.

We say sorry.

We never give up.

We are family.