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Exploring The Great Outdoors in Literacy...

Hmmmm.... What's going on here?
Picture 1
Picture 2
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Ever since these mysterious lilypads appeared in our classroom on a very strange Tuesday, we have been exploring what on earth caused them to be there. 


Our book, 'Tuesday' by David Weisner has given us some clues! Through images alone, it tells the story of an army of excitable frogs who go on an unexpected and magical journey... Who knew frogs could be so adventurous?!


We created some story maps to help us to order the key events of their crazy adventure...

Picture 1

We have also been focussing on using powerful verbs to describe the movements of these fun loving frogs! Have a look at some of our super sentences!


The group of frogs was revolving mischievously and swooping down like an eagle hunting its prey.


Ronnie, Zeeshan, Ruben B and Gurshan


The frogs rotated like a spinning top and were charging wildly like an army towards the crows.


Reuben and Isah


A gang of crazy frogs was darting wildly through the electric cables.


Olivia G and Maahirah


A swarm of wild frogs was swooping under electric wires and floating in the dark, night sky.


Sumyan, Aaron, Amaan.


The brown, spotty frogs were zooming crazily into the fluffy crows. 


Olivia Q, Angelina and Ethan.


An army of frogs was revolving rapidly and zooming after the brown dog.


Durrah, Zainab, Marah, Marwa

This week's spellings:

Given on 13.5.16

Test on  18.5.16











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