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Why did the Anglo Saxons come to Britain?

Follow this link to help you learn more about the Anglo Saxons.  Click on the images of Romans, Anglo Saxons, Picts and Britons who will tell you a little about their lives. 


Imagine that you are a king of Britain called Vortigern, who really wants the Anglo-Saxons to come to Britain to help to fight against other raiders, like the Picts who were attacking from the North.  As King Vortigern, you will need to convince the Anglo-Saxons to come to Britain by writing a persuasive letter explaining reasons to come.

You might want to think of all the bad things they will be leaving behind in their own lands and all the great things about Britain.


Use this link to research King Vortigern

Remember to log on to Purple Mash to access additional work for this lesson.

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