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We have been watering our flowers daily and keeping them in the sunlight. We regularly make observations and discuss each part of the plant and their role.



What were we investigating?

We were investigating what would happen to plants if we added food colouring to their water.

We placed celery and a flower into glasses of water. In 2 glasses we added blue food colouring and in the other 2 we just added water.

We made observations of our plants each day.


What we found out?

We found that the celery and the flower in the glasses of water stayed the same. However, the celery and flower that were in the blue food colouring, had begun to turn blue. This is because the capillaries transported the blue water up the stem to the flower


What have we been investigating?

We have being investigating the best conditions for plants to grow.

We planted cress seeds in various conditions and made observations each day.

The conditions we planted our seeds in were: 

  • Planted in soil with sunlight and water
  • Planted in soil with no sunlight and water
  • Planted in soil with sunlight and no water
  • Planted in cotton wool with sunlight and water


What did we find out?

From our observations, we found that the seeds planted in soil with sunlight and water grew taller and stronger. This is because the roots absorbed nutrients from the soil and the water and the sunlight allowed the plants to make food through photosynthesis.

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