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Questions of the week

6th October 2020

  • When adding two numbers together, what happens when we have 10 or more tens in the tens column? Explain using the question - 3,462 + 1,361
  • What did 'evacuation' mean during World War II and who was evacuated? Name some fictional evacuees that you have been reading about in Friend or Foe.
  • What happens when we put a celery stick in a cup with water and food colouring?
  • What is the name for 'timetable' in French?

14th October 2020

  • Name 3 things that children and adults can do that supports their mental health.
  • The word 'symbol' is in our spelling list this week. How many symbols can you think of that can be seen around us in day-to-day life?
  • What is 78,098 - 33,419?
  • In French, what name is given to the following subjects: Art, Science & Maths?

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