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Repeat, Revisit, Remember!

Week beginning 30.11.20 

What prefix could you add to these words to change its meaning to the opposite?                                      mortal      possible      measurable       mature

In our class novel, The Explorer, what did Fred cover himself with before he climbed the tree to collect honey?

Talk about the mistake that has been made in the  subtraction calculation below.


 -  283 


Identify the expanded noun phrase in the sentence below.

Two towering, spindly pine trees stretched out over the river.

Using the scientific terms below, explain how the digestive system works.

 mouth    osoesophagus    stomach     small intestine     large intestine    rectum



Week beginning 23.11.20 - Design & Technology week  Creating a torch

What electrical components are needed to make a torch?

Draw a circuit symbol for the following items: a bulb, switch and a battery.

What are the successful features of a torch?

Can you explain what the 'housing', 'reflector', 'switch' and 'circuit' are in a torch?



Week beginning 16.11.20

What can you tell me about our first world explorer, Ibn Battuta?

What are the six types of nutrition?

Can you think of 5 adverbs which could describe how somebody would eat?

Tick the additions that need an exchange of ones for a ten.

               238 + 134 =              523 + 435 =                  732 + 285 =   

Write two addition calculations that have:

• 1 exchange

• 2 exchanges.               



Week beginning 09.11.20

How many persuasive devices can you name?     

 e.g.  Use negative commands  - 'Do not cut down the trees.'

How does the prefix 'in' change the meaning of a word? e.g.   correct  - - - incorrect

Write the following numbers in Roman numerals:        22      17     34     72

Write the Roman numeral in numerals and words:  LXXII

Name the four world explorers we'll be learning about this term.



Week beginning 02.11.20

Retell the story of The Great Kapok Tree.

What is a dilemma story? What is the man's dilemma in The Great Kapok Tree?

Name three animals which live in the rainforest. 

What is rainforest deforestation?

Circle the warmer temperature in each pair:         4°C     –1°C                –1°C     1°C



Week beginning 19.10.20

Circle all the numbers greater than 4,231

               1,231           4,312          3,241        4,123         423        6,241

Write the following numbers in ascending order:

                                  1,242           1,143         1,523

What is a non-chronological report?

What was the name of the Utopian creature you designed and wrote about in English? Tell me three facts about it.



Week beginning 12.10.20

What species of trees do we have in our school grounds?

When using water colour paints, what does the term 'blending' mean?

What are the layers of vegetation in a rainforest?

Partition 4,362.

What does the '3' digit represent in the above number?



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