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Questions of the week

19.10.20 Questions of the week


  • Can you write a short passage describing the dragon's cave from the princess's point of view? Try to include adjectives, similes, onomatopoeia and any other of the writing techniques we have learnt this year.


  • Which of these calculations is the hardest? Why? Try solving all three once you have decided.

    345 - 234 =           372 - 196 =          389 - 297 = 


  • If you could travel in time to Ancient Rome what would you want to see most? Where would you go? What would you do?


12.10.20 Questions of the week:


  • Can you edit the following sentences? Look out for spelling, punctuation and missed opportunities for interesting descriptions.


'get out of my casul! bellowed the king. Soldiers screemed, shouted and wailed as the dragon tore thru there defences. the pretty princess cried when she realised that the battle wos lost


  • If we add two ones to 356 what number will we have? What about two tens? What about two hundreds?
  • What was life like for children in Ancient Rome? How was it different from today?


05.10.20 Questions of the week:


  • How would you improve the sentence 'The dragon was angry and he bit the soldier.'?
  • How many tens are there in 579?
  • Why did the senators want to kill Julius Caesar?

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