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Repeat, Revisit, Remember!

17th May 2021

  • How many quarters are there in 12 and a half?
  • What is the meaning of the word barren as used in 'Holes' by Louis Sachar?
  • Why did the Maya have so many Gods?
  • Chaac was the Maya god of...?
  • What was the Popul Vuh?

28th April 2021

  • What is the name of the substance that the Ancient Egyptians used to dry out a dead body?
  • Why did the Ancient Egyptians used amulets or jewels during the mummification process? 
  • What is a unit fraction?
  • What is 12/5 as a mixed number?

12th March 2021

  • When did World War 1 start and when did it end?
  • What is the name of the man who found Tutankhamen's tomb? 
  • When was Tutankhamen's tomb discovered?
  • During Ancient Egyptian times what was stored in canopic jars?

2nd December 2020

  • Name as many shelters that you can think of that we see in our everyday lives.
  • What group of animals do these wonderful creatures that we met this week belong to: Giant Millipede, Tarantula, Bull Frog, Tortoise, Royal Python, Lesser Tenrec & Armadillo?
  • How does a millipede protect itself from predators in the wild?
  • Tell someone at home what your favourite Exotic Zoo animal was this week, and explain why.

20th November

  • Write down the meaning of the phrase - The children were foisted upon Queenie. Think about our whole class reading of Letters From the Lighthouse this week.
  • List all the square numbers up to 100. 
  • How would you explain what a square number is to someone who had never heard this terminology before?
  • List some interesting facts that you learnt about Michael Phelps in PE this week.
  • What is the square root of 64?

12th November

  • What name is given to a number that has exactly 2 factors?
  • List all of the prime numbers up to 20.
  • What name is given to a number that has 3 or more factors?
  • Is 1 a prime number? Explain your answer.
  • What name is given to the religious festival of light?
  • Name 5 UK cities that were bombed during World War 2.

20th October 2020

  • Name three ways that commas can be used correctly. Write a sentence to demonstrate each one.
  • What temperature is 22 degrees lower than 18 degrees?
  • Explain how Rosa Parks changed the transport laws in USA.
  • What is the name of the temple where Sikhs go to worship?

14th October 2020

  • Name 3 things that children and adults can do that supports their mental health.
  • The word 'symbol' is in our spelling list this week. How many symbols can you think of that can be seen around us in day-to-day life?
  • What is 78,098 - 33,419?
  • In French, what name is given to the following subjects: Art, Science & Maths?

6th October 2020

  • When adding two numbers together, what happens when we have 10 or more tens in the tens column? Explain using the question - 3,462 + 1,361
  • What did 'evacuation' mean during World War II and who was evacuated? Name some fictional evacuees that you have been reading about in Friend or Foe.
  • What happens when we put a celery stick in a cup with water and food colouring?
  • What is the name for 'timetable' in French?

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