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Spring Term key questions

History - The Ancient Egyptians


  • What were the four main ancient civilisations and where did they begin?
  • What were the three kingdoms of Ancient Egypt?
  • What jobs were important in Ancient Egypt?
  • What was the importance of The River Nile in Ancient Egypt?
  • What did the Ancient Egyptians give to the world?
  • How were Pharaohs important to everyday life in Ancient Egypt?


Geography - South America


  • Where is South America and what are its main geographical features?
  • How many countries are in South America?
  • What makes Brazil so unique? 
  • How many states are there in Brazil? How many can you name?
  • What do we mean by the term 'street children'?


Science - Chemistry - Properties and changes of materials


  • Can you group materials based on whether they are transparent or not?
  • How can you identify the properties of materials?
  • Which materials would be most effective for wrapping ice cream to stop it melting?
  • How do single use plastics affect the environment?
  • How can mixtures be separated using sieving, magnets, filtering or evaporation?
  • What changes are reversible/irreversible?
  • How do different substances affect the rate of oxidisation?
  • How do chemical changes have an impact on our lives?


Art - Art and design skills


  • Can you describe the textures, shapes and lines that you can see within a drawing?
  • What is observational drawing?
  • What techniques can we use to create an accurate drawing?
  • What is a scaled up drawing?


PSHE - Citizenship


  • Name some benefits of reusing everyday items?
  • What does the convention of human rights apply to?
  • What happens when someone breaks the law?
  • How many people make up a jury?
  • What does the right to freedom of expression mean?
  • Can you explain what the 'waste hierarchy' is?
  • Explain what a 'pressure group' is.
  • How is the UK Parliament made up?
  • How might people contribute to their local community?


RE - Muslims and Christians - who is inspiring? 


  • What does it mean to be inspiring?
  • What Christian leaders are there and how have they inspired people?
  • What Muslim leaders are there and how have they inspired people?


French - The Flight


  • Talk about holidays in French and the activities our parents have planned.
  • Express opinions about daily leisure activities. 



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