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What are we learning in Year 5 this term?


During the Summer term, Year 5 will study the Maya civilisation in History during the first half of the term. During the second half of the term the children will study Journeys and Trade in Geography. In Art we will explore the Theme – Every picture tells a Story, and in DT our unit is called ‘From farm to fork’, where children will be creating a food product using beef as their main ingredient.


We will focus on the following key learning questions:


HISTORY - The Maya


  • What can we learn about the Ancient Maya from the lives of the modern Maya?
  • What can we learn about the Maya by investigating their ancient cities?
  • Why did the Maya have so many Gods?
  • Were the Maya as clever as people in the 21st century?
  • What happened to the Maya?
  • Why should we remember the Maya?


GEOGRAPHY - Journeys: Trade


  • Where do my school uniform and lunch come from?
  • Where does my fruit salad come from?
  • How do my clothes get in my wardrobe?
  • How has the import of products affected local industries?
  • Local produce or imported produce? Which should we choose?
  • What is the journey of our stuff?


ART – Every picture tells a Story


  • What is the meaning behind Banksy’s Clacton Pigeon Mural?
  • How can we use our imagination to interpret images and add detail to them?
  • How can emojis create meaningful messages?
  • What can drama add to a piece of Artwork?
  • Can I demonstrate my understanding of British Values when analysing Art?
  • Can I use 2D drawings to develop 3D art?


DT – From farm to Fork


  • Where does food come from?
  • What is the name of meat that comes from certain animals?
  • How is beef reared and processed?
  • How should cattle be farmed ethically?
  • Which foods make up a balanced diet?
  • How can a recipe be adapted to make it healthier?
  • How do we use kitchen equipment safely when preparing food?

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