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Summer Term

Summer term is here!

Summer term is here! 1

All year we have been working extremely hard to prepare for our SATs. Although we know they are important, we also know that no amount of testing can measure or demonstrate a lot of the amazing qualities we have which make us who we are. We have been discussing some of the wonderful things we love about each other. Here are just a few we decided on!


No tests could possibly measure... hilarious Azeem is every day and his crazy personality

...Hassan's confidence when speaking and sharing ideas

...Isah's loud, bubbly character and his ability to support others amazing Narjii is at dancing and performing like a pro!

...Rishi's awesome 4 square skills and his passion during games much Hayden makes us laugh

...Vinay's amazing ability to be a true team player and support others brilliant Crispus is at dodgeball and his awesome smile wonderfully curious and random Kayleigh is every day

...Taneisha's bubbly, colourful and happy personality and killer dance moves! incredibly creative and kind Madison is

...Aisha M's amazing sport skills and how supportive she is to her friends

...How kind, reliable and trustworthy Natalia is 

...Nikita's infectious positive attitude and brilliant sense of humour much Aaron can make us laugh with his funny and crazy stories

...Nabeel's awesome smile and how much of a good friend he is

...Gigla's strong leadership skills in sports and positive attitude

...Dylan's chilled out personality and his passion in team games

...Inshira's creativity, kindness and brilliant art skills

...Achsah's joyful, crazy personality and her beautiful, controlled dance skills helpful and reliable Maria is and her admirable love of learning spiritual Zaina is and her hilarious, crazy personality kind, generous and funny Nishath is

...Rosmin's amazing energetic dance skills, amazing work ethic and her crazy personality brilliantly random Reese is and how he makes us laugh

...Jamil's football skills  and his passion for games

...Hamzah's amazing determination in games

...Amelia's incredible leadership skills and her unique personality hilarious, kind and hard-working Aisha N is.

... Vincent's determination and passion for tag rugby!



So.... As you can see- we have A LOT to love and A LOT to be proud of. :) 






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