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The Romans


This term we are learning all about the Romans.


Where did the Romans come from?

What kind of food did the Romans eat?

How long did the Romans stay in Britain?


Remember to complete your Romans homework project. You will have the whole term to complete the project. Each activity is worth a different number of points. 


Roman Gods

Carry out research on Roman Gods - 1 point

Present the research as a report - 2 points

Present the research as a detailed poster - 3 points


Boudicca's Rebellion

Draw a picture with a caption about the rebellion - 1 point

Create a storyboard to tell the story of the rebellion - 2 points

Create a newspaper article to explain the rebellion - 3 points


Modern Day Rome 

Create a fact file about the features of modern day Rome - 1 point

Write a report about modern day Rome - 2 points

Create a travel poster about modern day Rome - 3 points


Roman Shield

Design a Roman shield on A4  paper - 1 point

Draw a picture of a shield with some 3D detail - 2 points

Make a full model shield - 3 points


Create a scene from a Roman Myth 

Draw and colour a scene on A4 paper - 1 point

Paint a scene on A4 paper - 2 points

Draw or paint a scene on A3 paper - 3 points


Explore Roman Numerals 

Identify the way Roman numerals can be used in everyday life - 1 point

Design a clock that uses Roman numerals instead of numbers  - 2 points

Re-design an everyday object so that it uses Roman numerals - 3 points 

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