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Year 3


What would it be like to live in a Fairytale World?


During this term we will be immersing ourselves in a Fairytale world. We will study a variety of stories and poems including Jack and the Beanstalk and The Gingerbread Man. We will explore the use of descriptive language and repeated phrases  and use this to produce writing including recounts and instructions before writing our own narrative Fairytale.


In History we will study "The Rotten Romans" which will include a dress up day where children will learn more about aspects of Roman life.


WOW factor

Christmas Pantomime

Roman Day


Chocolate – How does Chocolate change the World?


Many people love chocolate, but we will be looking at the wider picture. This term we continue our focus on Roald Dahl and his amazing stories. We read all about Charlie and his visit to the chocolate factory, and design and advertise an Easter themed chocolate in an exciting enterprise day. We will learn about the origins of Chocolate including the fair trade system, have a go at some of our own chocolate creations, and of course it would be unfair not to taste some wouldn’t it?! We will use ICT and green screening to produce our own adverts for our newly invented chocolate treats.


WOW factor

  • Chocolate tasting day.

  • Explorer Dome
  • Science Fair
  • Animal man
  • World Book Day – costumes at the ready!
  • Enterprise challenge.


The Great Outdoors!


The Great British Summertime…we all know how unreliable that is, but it won’t stop Year 3! This term sees us taking part in lots of outdoor learning - taking the indoors outside so to speak. We will be linking our Autumn term Science studies about nutrition and healthy living to our studies this term and investigating questions such as ‘Can we eat whatever we like and still be healthy?’, ‘How do daily exercise routines help us to learn?’ and ‘What makes someone a survivor?’ We will be testing our fitness levels during a brilliant Bootcamp bonanza! This term’s Literacy looks at the book ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner. Tuesday is based around the story of a group of frogs that leave the swamp one Tuesday at 8pm.  It contains no words, so lots of work is done generating the language of the story and empathising with the frogs.  Children produce work describing the setting and retelling the story, as well as writing letters home from the frogs themselves.


WOW factor

  • Art work linked to Tuesday unit involves the children making mod rock frogs and /or salt dough frogs on lily pads. We also look at the work of Claude Monet and create our own water lily pictures.
  • Archery, canoeing, assault courses and zip lining...Watch this space!!
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