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Year 4


Would you survive in an extreme climate?



In Autumn term we will explore the layers of the rainforest. We will find out about its diverse inhabitants and investigate the impact deforestation has upon the natural world. We will discover the art work of Henri Rousseau. 


Wild West

After half term we will travel to the Great Plains and explore the Wild West. We will identify the people that lived there and also discover the flora and fauna of the Plains. We will explore the beliefs of the Native Americans and make traditional dream-catchers.


The Wow Factor!

  • Exotics of the World visit school - meeting some animals from the rainforest.
  • Wild West Day - line dancing and Wild West games.


Saxons v Vikings - Who was more successful?



In this topic, we will find out who the Saxons were and why they chose to settle in England. We will discover how they shaped their villages and how they lived their lives. We will investigate artefacts from this time and work out what they tell us about the Saxons. We will research all aspects of their daily life such as their clothing, religion and the homes that they built to live in. 



After meeting the Anglo Saxons we will focus on the Vikings. We will discover who the Vikings were, why they invaded Britain and how their lives were different to ours. We will research their methods of transport, their weaponry and the Gods that they believed in.



All of our learning will help us to find out:

Who was the most successful: Saxons or Vikings?


The Wow Factor!

  • Enjoying Saxon day
  • Taking part in forest school activities and use tools to make our own model of an Anglo-Saxon house using natural materials.

Summer Term

Are robots more intelligent than humans?


The Rise of the Robots

We will begin by reading The Iron Giant before investigating a range of inventors and architects to find out how their creations have influenced our everyday life. We will explore how robots work whilst exploring electricity in science. From here we will look at other machines and inventions that affect our lives. We will design and build our own machines and predict what machines could help us in the future.


The Wow factor!

  • Designing and creating our very own robot!
  • Taking part in robot break-dancing!
  • Enterprise day - completing a Robot Challenge!
If you require a paper copy of any curriculum information, please contact the school office.

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