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English at Alumwell Junior School


Here at Alumwell Junior School, we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have a diverse group of pupils and therefore celebrate the fact that amongst these children, a wide range of languages are spoken.  However, we recognise the importance of ensuring our children are successful users of the English language and can utilise it effectively to communicate with others. For this reason, developing our students’ skills in both reading and writing is a priority and we strive to ensure that all pupils reach their potential in these areas.




At Alumwell, we are passionate about ensuring our children are given plenty of opportunities to express themselves creatively and we believe writing is a wonderful way for them to do this. Using engaging texts, real-life experiences and exciting visual resources for inspiration, we encourage our children to explore the limitless possibilities of their imaginations, whilst providing them with the structure and support they need to organise their ideas effectively and meaningfully.


In each year, a thematic approach is adopted which enables children to make links between their learning in all areas of the curriculum. They are provided with opportunities to write across several genres during English lessons, however writing will also occur in other subjects e.g. Science, Topic and R.E.


 We aim for our children to understand that writing is a whole process, rather than a single task. From sharing ideas and planning to evaluating each other’s work- our children are expected to invest in every step of this journey. Even towards the end of this process, just like any successful writer, we always encourage our children to look for ways they can edit and improve their work so that they fully achieve their potential. Ultimately, we want our children to feel proud of their writing, knowing the final outcome is the product of their own passion, hard work and determination.




Our modern, vibrant and inviting library- filled with a wide range of exciting books- provides the perfect space for our children to visit. Although each class has an allocated time for a library session during the week, children are welcome and encouraged to visit during any break time or lunch time. (A member of staff or one of our year 6 librarians will be happy to help!)


Reading is an integral part of all English lessons and all children are exposed to good quality texts throughout these sessions. However, once a week, children take part in a discrete guided reading session. During this session, children work with the teacher or teaching assistant to focus more closely on the key skills set out in the reading content domains. These focussed sessions provide structured support and visual aids to allow all children to tackle comprehension questions- an element we know many children find tricky. We use ‘Reading VIPERS’ to help the children understand which skill we are focussing on during reading activities.


More information about this can be found here:


We love to see our children enjoying their books and the way we see it, the more children read, the better! Not only does it spark their imaginations but it has a huge impact on their writing and spelling as well as developing their vocabulary. For this reason, we encourage our children to read outside of school whenever possible and appreciate any support from home in doing this.

Selected key objectives for each year group

All the NC objectives for Reading & Writing organised by strand across Years 1 to 6

If you require a paper copy of any curriculum information, please contact the school office.

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