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Year 3


The Year 3 Team:


Class 1 - Miss Niles, Miss Sheehy, Mrs Kari and Mrs Jones

Class 2 - Miss Cowan, Miss Dosanj and Mrs Anson

Class 3 - Mr Polowyj, Mrs Battison and Mrs Fox


Autumn Curriculum:


Our key theme for the Autumn Term is the Romans and their impact on Britain. We will be investigating questions such as:


  • Who were the Romans and how did they get here?
  • Who were the key people in Roman society and how were lives different for different groups of people?
  • Where does the Roman Empire fit into wider history?
  • How does Roman culture still impact our lives today?


In addition to the Romans, we will also be covering topics such as 'The Counties of the United Kingdom', Andy Warhol (an artist study), the religion of Islam and sketching techniques for drawing noses and mouths.


Reading, online research or written work around any of these topics at home would be excellent in supporting your child's learning at school.  Please let us know if you would like any support with this as we would be happy to provide suggestions for places to start.


Click on the link below to learn more about our Year 3 curriculum and to find links to useful games, revision videos and more.

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