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Meet our School Dogs

Why do we have school dogs?


Here at Alumwell Junior School we have found the following benefits to having our school dogs.


  • A greater enjoyment of being in the school environment, improved attendance and a greater willingness to learn and participate.

  • Improved behaviour, social interaction and sense of responsibility in the classroom.

  • A sense of responsibility for dog walkers in school.

  • Increased knowledge of dogs and how to behave safely and appropriately around them.

  • A better understanding of how to take responsibility for another living being. This, potentially, gives them better recognition of their own responsibilities.

  • A range of individual benefits, with personal goals. For example learning English as an additional language, talking to the dogs, improved reading, practising by reading to the dogs.

  • Pastoral support for children who find some of the busier times of day challenging.

  • Improvements in the way students interact with each other and with members of staff.

  • The presence of the dog in the classroom, around the school and in the staff room has a beneficial effect on students and staff.

  • Members of the school have a ‘shared interest’. This encourages everyone to communicate, which has a positive impact on communication and relationships around the school.



Over the years we consider ourselves to have been extremely lucky to have had not one, but FOUR school dogs at Alumwell Junior School.  Our first puppy was Mr Bill Bailey who worked his magic at Alumwell way back in 2004.


September 2014 saw Alumwell Junior school take on a new apprentice, Dougie Dog.  Dougie was shown the ropes by Bill and they could often be seen walking around school together - with Bill holding Dougie's lead! After seven years loyal service Dougie decided to take it easy and is currently enjoying a well deserved retirement.  He does occasionally pop back to see how we are all getting on!


As a result of a very persuasive School Council we welcomed Percy in  2016.  Percy is a much loved member of our Alumwell community, he manages to wear himself out on a regular basis (especially when he spots an opportunity to escape Miss Lawrenson's classroom in search of food...)


Our newest recruit is the wonderful 'Jazzee Jackson'.  Jazzee arrived at Alumwell in September 2021 and has already settled in to school life.  Jazzee can be found with Miss Jackson in Year 3 and is often on the field racing children after a ball.  (Jazzee ALWAYS wins.)

Just who is training who???

Meet Jazzee Jackson!

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