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Religious Education

RE at Alumwell Junior School


At Alumwell Junior School, we are proud of our rich diversity. It is this diversity that drives our 'mirrors or windows' approach to Religious Education.


When a child is familiar with a religion we will liken their approach

to 'looking in a mirror'. Pupils will learn about religion that reflects their own. This shows pupils that their religion is valued and respected within the Alumwell community. The pupil will be looked upon to share their own knowledge and experiences with others. 


When a child is learning about a new and/or unfamiliar religion, our approach will be likened to  'looking through a window'. Children will learn about religions that are unfamiliar to them, in order to value and respect the beliefs of others. They will learn through listening to others, through what they see others do and practise and through discussion about other pupil's experiences and knowledge.   


A strong sense of self-identity paired with an understanding, empathy and respect for others is what drives religious education at our school.

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