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World Book Day 5th March

World Book Day

Thursday 5th March


Year in, year out we see some fantastic costumes on world book day. This year, we want to really focus on what makes books so wonderfulwords words words! 

This year at Alumwell Juniors, we are going to celebrate language and ask children to dress up as words themselves, transforming into the actual words we read and love and using their costumes to illustrate each definition! 

We know this will promote a love of learning new words, as well as challenging all pupils to get creative with original ideas. 

All costumes must clearly show the word being illustrated (Some children may also choose to add the definition, particularly if they have chosen an unfamiliar or unusual word!) 

Already had an outfit in mind? Don’t panic! If your child is desperate to wear their favourite costume, that is of course completely fine! All we ask is that you think about an adjective to describe the character or general appearance! (For example, The Incredible Hulk could be ‘Muscular’ or a floating princess dress could be ‘Elegant’.) There are lots of ways to use something you already have! J

WARNING: There will be no excuse for a lack of costume- even messing your hair up can mean you’re ‘scruffy’ or ‘dishevelled’. You can’t get away with it that easily.... J

Take a look at some of the ideas and get thinking! We can’t wait to see your creations! J

Prizes for the most imaginative costumes! 


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