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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1! laugh


This class is a magical mixture of all sorts... We've got story tellers, book lovers, marvellous mathematicians, amazing artists, knowledgeable historians, super sports players, and lots of inquisitive minds!


We can't wait to learn more about all of you and discover what you can achieve in year 3 smiley

We love stories in Class 1 and on this page, we will share some of the brilliant books we have been reading together so far this year and what we thought about them...

Class 1's European Day of Languages in-school competition winners.

We have been inspired by George and the Dragon by Chris Wormell.

Super Plant Biologists' Work

Propogating Spider Babies

Which spider plant baby will grow the most? Which will be healthiest?


We left two of the spiderettes connected to their mother plant and we disconnected two of them from the  mother plant. Two are in soil and two are in water. Which plant do you think will grow the most?

We investigated how being in the cold, dark or without water will affect the growth of cress. Why do you think the cress that grew in the dark has stretched up so tall but hasn't turned green? Why have the seeds in the fridge managed to spout but not grow very much?

Can you see the plant that has seeded? Why has one plant died and one bloomed?

Amazingly 'Andy Art

This half term, we have looked at the work of Andy Warhol. Inspired by his brightly coloured repetitive prints of icons such as Marilyn Monroe, we created our own 'pop art' using oil pastels. It was, for many of us, the first time we had used these and we found them quite tricky, particularly on small, intricate areas. We are VERY pleased we persisted though as the final results are very eye-catching!  

Portrait Skills

We have also been developing our sketching skills and have been learning how to draw parts of the face: lips and noses. Take a look! 

Finding out about Flowers


We have searched, gathered, dissected, investigated and researched flowers. We

are now very confident about the parts of the flower and what they are for. We even made our own models of flowers. 

Can you spot Ummair using wool as his pollen tube? David noted that his flower had no anthers as it had been pollinated - the sticky stigma was sticking out instead! Very clever, boys!


Sharing our Knowledge

This half term we have been learning about Islam and the things which are most important to people within this faith. We have lots of children in our class who have gladly shared their knowledge about their religion. 

Our ‘5 Pillars of Islam’ work...

Every morning, we say how we are feeling in French. Can you spot which sign has fallen off?

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