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Sticky Knowledge

  • When did World War I begin? When did it end?
  • Why were war memorials created?
  • Where is our local cenotaph?
  • What would we find on a war memorial?
  • If there was never a battle on English land during World War II, how was there so much damage to our cities?
  • When did WW II start and when did it end?
  • What was evacuation and who did it involve?
  • What was Kindertransport?
  • Name three cities that were badly bombed during the Blitz.
  • Explain how food was divided during the second world war. What was this called?
  • Name 3 ways that people protected themselves during an air raid.


  • What is the name of our local area?
  • What is the name of our town?
  • What landmarks are we likely to see as we walk around our local area?
  • Name something that we definitely won't see if we walk around our local area.
  • What county do we live in?
  • What country do we live in?
  • How many countries are there in the UK?
  • Name two seas/oceans off the coast of the UK.
  • What does aerial view/bird's eye view mean?
  • How many continents are there?

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